Sunday, February 24, 2008

Riding In A Winter Wonderland

That's how it looked this morning as I took my ride in 24 degree weather. the road itself was mostly clear. A few patches of black-ice where snow had melted and re-froze presented no problem (unless I would have had to brake at just that spot.) There were a few spots where whoever plows the path had inexplicably just skipped a section. One such section, just coming off the Falls Bridges, was so bad I had to dismount for twenty or thirty feet or so. Otherwise it was a lovely ride. My new cyclometer clocked the distance at 13.3 miles, a shade more accurate than my old computer? Or just different? As always I'll go with the present device, but I've clearly been within a reasonable margin of error. Having the cadence meter was very interesting. It was a little hard to get an accurate sense of my usual cadence what with the cold and the need to use caution around the ice, but my cadence is certainly lower than I would have expected and when the weather is better it will give me some new goals to work toward.

Stage 6 winner Pagliarini

Yesterday's 6th stage of the ATOC ended with a great sprint finish won by Mark Cavendish; however that's not him above on the podium. Cavendish was involved in a crash and then was relegated by the judges who said he used the team car to draft him back into the race. Thus Luciano Pagliarini wond the stage. Levi continues to wear the Golden jersey going into today's final stage.

Below: Slipstream's David Millar

In its coverage of yesterday's stage the NY Times focused on David Millar and the great race that team Slipstream Chipotle is having. The big news is that a team committed to the strictest doping controls is at the top of the peloton.

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