Thursday, February 21, 2008

Under A Winter Morning Moon

I couldn't resist stopping and taking this photo of the moon shining as I came around the curve on Kelly Drive this morning, despite the fact that it was around 21 degrees and I loathed taking off my gloves. It was a cold ride, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. And the sun continues to shine today so I have my bike. One thing I hope to do if I have a spare hour is to take it over to the bike shop. I attached my new cycle computer and I can't get it to work! Maybe its me, maybe its not, but I hope they'll take a look and let me know.

And, as expected, the third stage of the ATOC saw the race hit the hills and therefore saw Levi Leipheimer take the Golden jersey while coming in second for the stage. I'm pretty confident that it will be difficult to get the jersey away from Levi now. I also hope that this somehow puts more pressure on ASO to change its mind about inviting Levi, Contador and all of Astana to the Tour de France and other big races this year. The UCI is threatening to go to court about it, but I'm not sure whether there is really any legal issue at play here.

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