Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Let There Be (More) Light...and More Winter

Annie and I rode out into the 36 degree morning and despite the weather channel's assurance of almost no wind, by the river there was plenty. It slowed us some and definitely made it a colder ride. After yesterday morning's ride in the 60's it was a bit of a shock. But at least the sun was shining (well, we go out before the sun is up but right now it is shining, and it was beginning to shine as we made it home this morning which is one of the topics of this post.)Suddenly, we noticed just after the half-way point in our ride that we really didn't need our lights anymore. Just like that, as if a switch had been pulled from yesterday to today, we noticed how much more light it had become in the morning. That is very nice, except that I know that we are only a month and a half away from turning the clock forward again and then it will be pitch black for awhile. At least then we will trade light for warmth...I hope.

The second miracle of the morning was that my speedometer decided to come back to work. I had taken it off the bars yesterday to try to get the battery out and change it. Could not open the d--nd thing for the life of me, so put it back on the bars so that I would at least have the clock with me this morning, which has continued to work. Well, the jostling obviously got the whole thing working. The good news is that I guess I don't need a new battery, and if I ever really do, I'll probably be better off buying a new one not only because it is so hard to get to the battery, but because there is obviously something else ajar in the mechanism which probably can't be fixed. For now, however, I'm able to count my miles a lot easier. That is good since I am hoping to take a longer ride tomorrow (no promises.)

So with the sun shining and a fairly flexible day ahead of me, I've got the bike with me and I'm planning to take another ride at lunch time in addition to using it to do some errands. So I'll update the mileage later.

Next to report, (gee this is a busier than lately post) I've listed the Citizen Folding Bikes on Craig's list for sale. I've received a few nibbles already. As usual I'm giving a really good price just to unload. But we haven't ridden them in a year and I see no serious use for them at this point. They are taking up space. So I rode one back from my office where they've been stored to home and will ride the other one back later. Wow, what was I thinking. Those twenty inch fat wheels really are not what I want to be riding on anymore. I hope they will find a good home.

Finally, yesterday's first stage of the Amgen Tour of California was won by J.J Haedo of CSC. He is a great rider, especially sprinter. You may remember that he won the Philly International here last June. This is his record 6th ATOC stage win. Cancellara kept the yellow jersey and Levi is not far behind. Tomorrow begins the mountain stages and everything will change. I tracked the race via computer all day as well as receiving text-message updates from the Fredcast throughout the race. If you did the same then you know about Jackson Stewart of BMC led out on a solo ride for most of the race until being reeled-in in Santa Rosa. It was fun.

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