Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Back At Main Street Coffee Works

At which the connection is very tenuous, so I'm skipping the pictures and getting down to the details. I rode 15 miles this morning. Annie quit after 6. I finished the loop twice within the development and then continued into town, that is, White Haven. Four miles and plenty hilly but not as bad as the hills I did within the development. After breakfast, Alan and I went out. Back into town and then to the trailhead of the Lehigh Gorge Trail. We took the trail for about 15 miles and then turned around. The trail itself is pretty much flat and quite beautiful. I hope to get some pictures up before I'm done. the trip home we took a "short-cut." Probably not a good idea, but actually this time it worked out ok. We probably saved a mile or two and traveled less heavily trafficked roads. But the hills were killers! Alan's GPS says we managed 1400 feet in elevation along the ride. It was a great workout and gave me 42.8 miles for the day.

All along the way I was receiving updates on my cell phone via Twitter from David Bernstein of the Fredcast. So when I returned home I knew today's stage was almost over and I watched the end. Great stage and I still think Levi is very well positioned.

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