Friday, July 27, 2007

Tuesday:From Tannery Road to Rockport and Back

With our company gone and yesterday’s pouring rain passed, Annie and I struck out for a good ride along the Lehigh Gorge Trail. We drove to the Tannery access point, to which I’ve been riding these last few days but which would have been to steep for Annie to traverse and rode down the path to Rockport and a bit beyond. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful ride. The ride back to Tannery was definitely on an uphill grade. Perhaps a grade of 2%, 3% at the most but it made a difference and took a bite out of Annie. We managed 23 miles and were both pretty wasted from the work up hill. Tomorrow we’ll drive to Rockport, ride the uphill first and then back down, which should work out better.

Meanwhile, we returned to the house to hear the news that Alexander Vinokurov had been kicked out of the TdF along with the entire Astana team. How sad! How shameful! How demoralizing! I’m trying to maintain the attitude that the “system” is working and that as each cheat is exposed and punished the number of cheats will finally diminish and disappear. Wishful thinking? I don’t know, but the hold that the magic of the race and the super-human efforts of the (clean) riders still enthrall me and I will continue to follow the TdF as well as Pro-cycling in general. I’m still pulling for Levi and he is still in a position to win.

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