Friday, July 27, 2007

Thursday - The Whole Lehigh Gorge Trail!

Our plan for this morning was to find the Glen Onoco access point in Jim Thorpe, PA and ride up to Rockport and back, but Annie awoke feeling like she needed a rest day. So off I went on my own. It took a bit of work to actually find the access road, but I did. It was about a 40 minute drive from where we are staying. I started off on my ride as the day cleared out the last clouds from overnight rainstorms. A beautiful day for a ride. And I rode to Rockport and kept going all the way to White Haven and back: 45.7 miles. I took a few last pictures with the Treo.

No bad news from the TdF so that’s good news.

Tomorrow we head home. We hope to ride the Fuji’s when we get home. It will be nice to ride the old Schuylkill path again! But it will be great to ride the Fuji again. Part of the difficulty of riding here, especially with the hills I did most of last week both with Alan and alone, was riding the Trek. It was definitely the right choice for the Lehigh Gorge Trail, but even there, its weight certainly added to the effort we were putting out and the fatigue we (especially Annie) were feeling. Beside that, I just don’t find it comfortable anymore, the set-up, the seat, etc. It will be very nice to get back on my regular ride.

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