Monday, July 02, 2007

Hello From LA II

I suppose it's always another beautiful day in LA, but today was certainly no exception. We were out of the house a lot earlier in the day, though not as early as when I'm home and working. We rode out around 9 AM and rode for about an hour and a half covering about 25 miles. We took the same route as yesterday but did not go into Balboa Park, but kept going on the bike path until it seemed to end. We then picked up a different bike path and kept going until we thought we'd gone far enough, though we hadn't reached the end and had no idea where it was taking us. But it did take us past the Encino Velodrome! Which was kind of exciting. We doubled back into the driveway and found the entrance to the velodrome which, of course, was closed. But we checked out the schedule of activities. Unfortunately there is nothing going on while I'm here, but I hope the boys will come see a race or something and let me know about it.

Most of this path we were on follows the route of the Metro and is between the Metro and the street, completely out of traffic. It is a great path, though not necessarily the most scenic, the views in the distance, like the one above are not bad at all.

At each Metro station there are bike racks and, more impressively, bike lockers as pictured below.

I felt much more comfortable on my rented bike today and had no trouble using the gears. It turns out I hadn't looked at it closely enough when I wrote yesterday. It is a Jamis Ventura. I'm still not sold on the drop bars for me, but I enjoyed them more today and could see becoming so.

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Ludwig said...

Ira, hope you're enjoying the California sunshine, all we've got over here is rain and rain and rain. I always find it difficult adjusting to a different bike, it takes me a couple days to adjust even when switching between the two I own. Ask if the bike shop will set you up with some bullhorn bars, sounds like you might prefer them much more than the drops. Have fun and send some sunshine!

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