Monday, July 09, 2007

Goodbye LA Ride

My last ride on the Jamis here in LA. Another beautiful morning for a ride. I continue to get out and back before the sun burns through the morning fog...perfect! I am crediting myself with 25 miles today, though I think I may have ridden further. I took the same route as yesterday and then doubled back along Balboa looking for the extension of the path that Shaul and I took the other day in order to find the Velodrome. Instead I took a turn that put me on a path taking me under Balboa and through the park ending up on the same loop I'd already taken around Woodley and down to Burbank and back around to Balboa. I didn't mind the extra loop and when I came back on Balboa I found a second path that did, indeed, take me through the other side of the park and around to the Encino Velodrome, pictured here.

I tried to get a shot of the closed track and this is the best I could do.

After getting my pictures I headed home for a good breakfast cooked by my son. The weather here is supposed to be relatively mild, so there is a chance that , now that both boys are here, we will take another ride this afternoon. If so, I will report.

Meanwhile, the 2nd stage of the TdF was won by Gert Steegmans, a Belgian from the Quick-Step team who beat out his own team leader, Tom Boonen. There are no changes in the overall standings and until we get to the later stages it will be impossible to gauge who the real big guns will be. But I guess the Tour is already helping to push the doping stories to the read. Even the NY Times had an interactive feature on the Tour on its front web page this morning Check It Out

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