Thursday, July 19, 2007

A Late Day Ride

We awoke to the predicted rain this morning and no one felt like riding in the rain up here. So we hung around and did a few vacation-like things until lunch. After lunch the skies had cleared and the sun was making its way out. Alan (my son-in-law – pictured) and I decided to get in a late day ride. We set off with the general idea of finding the route we’d used yesterday from the Lehigh Gorge Trail, Our “short-cut” back to the trail again. We failed but found an exquisite route on very lightly trafficked country roads. I managed to stop and get these shots to try to give an idea of the beauty, but also the elevation. We rode 13 miles but so much of it was climbing that I was good and spent by the time we returned. Of course, I rode over 40 hilly miles yesterday, so perhaps I needed the easier day. I hope that the weather will be good in the morning and Annie and I can get to the trail…she will love it once we get there, but we’ll have to drive to the access point as 4 or 5 miles among these hills are going to be too much for her.

Today’s schedule allowed me to watch the TdF stage live rather than waiting for the “enhanced” coverage (replay) at night. I found it to be a pretty boring stage and since I’m writing this without Internet access I can’t even check for the names of the winners.

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