Friday, July 06, 2007

Hello From LA III

Back in LA after a hectic and somewhat stressful visit to Eugene. My plane returning yesterday was just enough late to wash out the possibility of an afternoon ride. I was drained, it was hot, and we had to get ready for a dinner appointment with Josi (my son's fiance)and her father. A pleasant time was had by all, by the way.

So I woke early and left Shuli sleeping and went for my ride. I'll claim 15 miles for the ride, although it is difficult to estimate, especially since I had to stop two or three times to answer calls from Annie back in Philadelphia. But it felt great to ride and I found a new wrinkle on the trail I've been riding. It took me on a lovely loop on Woodley (see photo,) around Balboa Park and the golf course there.

The only other news is that I've extended my stay and will not be flying out until Tuesday morning in order to get a day or so to spend with Yoshi who is returning from his assignment in Florida to LA on Sunday.

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