Sunday, July 01, 2007

Hello From Los Angeles

Not counting the one lost piece of luggage it was an uneventful flight and my son Shaul picked me up at the airport and after a quick lunch, a bit of relaxing and catching up, my future daughter-in-law (with my other son, Yoshi)Josi arrived with my bike, rented from Hollywood Pro Cycles look them up when you next need to rent a bike in LA. We took off for a ride to Balboa Park and around the Park for a few miles and then back home. A quick ride in really hot, unshaded weather. Without an odometer I can only guess, but I think it was about 14 miles.

So, here's Shuli on his Specialized

And a very pretty patch of trees through which we passed on the way home.

And a rare shot of me without my helmet.

The bike, something called a Ventura, worked out pretty well. It is the first time I've ridden with drop handles and so far I can't say I like them. I may get used to them, and I have to take into consideration that the bike wasn't really fitted for me, but I managed. Learning to use the click shifting on the break as opposed to the twist shift that I've always used also took some time. I'm doing OK, but I'm still not always sure exactly which gear I'm in. By the end of the week I imagine that I'll be pretty well accustomed to both, but that doesn't mean I will like it.

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