Thursday, July 12, 2007

An Exceptional Day For A Ride

The humidity broke and the temperature came down a bit and the weather was made for cycling today. Despite being on vacation I was up at 4:45 with Annie and we did our morning loop. Except that she returned home after one loop and I continued for two more. I would have done a fourth loop if I'd remembered to bring a power bar or something with me: I was starved! That came to 30.9 miles. But I had many errands to run around town and in this weather nothing was going to keep me off the bike. I rode with my messenger bag to a number of different stores collecting things we need to take with us for our time in the Poconos beginning next week. It's amazing what you can fit into one of these bags! And, of course, I forgot things at different stores along the way and had to go back and buy the things I'd forgotten on the first run. Nothing better for fighting what would normally be a very annoying situation than to make the run again on my bike. In the end, though I felt like I was on the bike all day, I only added about 10 miles to the total. But it was great fun. I discovered a Bike Store that I hadn't known existed on 4th Street. I guess I haven't been down that way in awhile, as the owners said they'd been there over a year. Nice little store called Bicycle Revolutions.

Meanwhile in today's stage five of the TdF Filippo Pozzato won the stage. But there's more!

"While Italian heartthrob Filippo Pozzato earned a hard-fought sprint win in stage 5 of the Tour de France, Thursday's big news developed at the back of the pack, where pre-race favorite Alexandre Vinokourov lost 1:20 to his fellow GC contenders after crashing hard with 24km to go in the testing 182.2km run from Chablis to Autun."

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