Sunday, July 08, 2007

Still in LA

Instead of being on an airplane this morning I rode the loop that I now call my own: along chandler to the busway, along the bike path to Woodley, around the golf course until it hooks back up with the bike path on Balboa, around to victory and then along the bike path back to the busway to Chandler and home. I was out before the sun burned through the morning fog; in fact home before it had. Given the heat wave that seems like a good idea.

Incredibly, Shaul does not have Versus on his TV so I've had to scrounge around the Internet to figure out what's going on at the Tour de France. I was not surprised by Cancellera's winning the prologue; I was surprised at how well Hincapie did and how poorly Leipheimer did. But there is an incredibly long way to go and I am still hoping for Levi.

THIS JUST IN: Robbie McEwan won today's stage while Concellara retains the Yellow Jersey. The big names are in the hunt: Vinokoura is about 30 seconds back and Levi about 40.

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