Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Ah Spring

I know it is still a few weeks away, but comparatively speaking it felt like Spring this morning - 34 degrees! Annie came back on the trail with me and we had a great ride. I must say she is a bit rusty despite riding the trainer everyday and so our ride was a bit slower and I had to really rush to get ready for work, but it all worked out. Tomorrow the weather promises to be even nicer and it is my day off so I hope to be able to really add to my February monthly miles total. Right now that total stands at 189 miles, which I think is pretty darn good for February. Perhaps tomorrow I can shoot for bringing it at least up to 200!
Once again I was accompanied on the ride by podcasters. I suppose this will now become a regular part of my experience and not really worth mentioning unless I hear something particularly interesting and want to report it. But I began back at the beginning of the Fredcast, downloading program #1 for the ride along with program #11 of The Spokesmen. It was just the right amount of content for the time of my ride and I enjoyed both shows. This is a great service to the community and I hope others will join in this listening community.
I wish I had some photos, but one of my goals tomorrow will be to get some nice new ones now that it isn't too cold to remove my gloves for a minute.

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