Monday, February 05, 2007

It's The Wind Not The Cold

Regardless of how cold it is there is always someone taking a picture of the famous "Rocky" steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and then often running up them. I saw this on Sunday morning and I wouldn't be surprised if I would have seen it today, too, but I wouldn't have snapped a picture for fear the even a moment out of my gloves would have been dangerous.I rode this morning with the temperature at around 5 degrees with a windchill well below zero. I really had no problem with the cold, though I added another layer around my ears and legwarmers over my knickers under my winter outer pants. No problem. The problem is the wind. At certain points it reduced me to the lowest gears I've ever used around the trail and, therefore, my ride took longer than usual. I am not much of a scientist, but I will never understand how the wind can be directly in my face whether I'm going in one direction out or the other direction back in.

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