Wednesday, February 14, 2007


My first year of regular cycling has proven to be a very lucky one. Our mild winter through December followed by a colder January and early February, but without much bothersome precipitation has been very supportive of my riding every day. That has finally changed and promises to cause me a longer hiatus. Certainly, I could not ride today. In fact, after making it to the train station in order to get to an appointment in NY, I discovered the train had been cancelled. If the train can't get through then the bike surely can't. And while the snow accumulation doesn't figure to be massive, the ice and related mess will likely cause me to miss riding tomorrow and I'm not optimistic in the short run after that. Perhaps by Sunday or Monday I can ride again. I can't complain, its been a great run of decent weather. It could easily have been different and I could have been forced to give up two months ago and to stay off for the whole time.

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