Friday, February 23, 2007

The Wind In My Face...The Wind At My Back

Having decided that I could not resist getting back out in the fresh air after another morning riding indoors yesterday regardless of the chance of ice on the path, I had a wonderful 12.5 mile ride this morning. The ice was there but not a problem. The wind was another matter. It had to have been around 20 mph sustained with higher gusts. I sometimes felt I was still on my trainer for as fast as I could peddle! I was all set to give up reaching my usual milepost of the Falls Bridge both because it was going to take too long and because of the sheer effort required. But I managed to get there...and then flew home making up all the time. It was one of the rare times that the wind seemed logically to be going in one direction only. So at my back it felt great.
I was also a tad late getting out this morning because of my new routine: Downloading the The Fredcast when I come down to have my morning coffee and listening to it as I do so. I'm really enjoying Dave's commentary on the Tour of California and especially the interesting folks he's lined up to interview. I really recommend it.

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