Sunday, February 11, 2007

Friday and Sunday Rides Combined

I didn't have time to blog on Friday, but I did have time to ride. I rode 12.5 miles in 15 degree temperature. Today was even better. Being Sunday I went out a bit later, temperature was still about 16-17 degrees, but no wind to speak of and I rode 16.4 miles at a healthy clip before having to start a long day of work. while I'd hoped to have more time to blog, I did just check out Bicycle Diaries and want to recommend the clip from Video Jug on How To Buy A Bike. I found it very informative. Had I seen it seven months ago I would have been saved much aggravation. so if you know someone considering getting into a bike, share it with them.Meanwhile Alan Snell's Bike Stories had a link to an interesting Bike Information site on which I found the accompanying photo of a covered bike and pedestrian bridge in Cambridge, England. Very neat.

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