Friday, February 02, 2007

Winter Storm Postponed

I went to bed certain that I would not ride today. The weather forecasts were filled with dire predictions of snow, sleet, freezing rain and perhaps locust and frogs! But when I awakened this morning there was nothing but 32 balmy degrees and dry streets. So off I went. Actually it began to flurry, sometimes heavily, for the first fifteen minutes of my ride. Riding in snow showers is far less of an impediment than equivalent rain showers and I didn't mind at all. It was all over before I reached the bridge. I had a good, fast ride. I was able to get out by 5:35 and back by 6:50 giving me more time than I've had lately to get ready for work and even write up this post! I can tell when I'm having a really good ride: I'm not thinking about bicycling! Instead my mind wanders to all sorts of different topics in my life and I often find solutions to problems that have been bedeviling me either in my studies, writing or personal life.

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