Friday, June 29, 2007

A Fine Final Day Of The Month

Actually grey and drizzling and never very nice weather wise, but we beat the rain this morning and got in our 13 miles and I was able to take my bike on work errands all day, including a trip to the hospital, a meeting with a graduating student, and more. That allowed me to end the riding month of June with another 31.5 miles bringing the monthly total to:540.2 and my year-to-date total over the 2500 mile mark. I think that's pretty darn good! I don't want to make any predictions because the winter weather could be much more severe this year than last, but at this rate I could top 5,000 miles as opposed to my original goal of 4,000 miles. We shall see.

Meanwhile, July's count will begin in Los Angeles. I fly there Sunday to visit my sons and I've already arranged to rent a bike. I hope to arrive early enough to get in a ride on Sunday. Why I am renting and not traveling with one of my bikes is easily explained: It's too much hassle. I will be in LA most of the week, but will also take a quick side trip to Eugene, Oregon to see family. A great riding town, I suspect, but I will be sansbike so next week's mileage (if I can even count it, not having a cycle computer on board the rental) will be down. But I will be on vacation for the three weeks after that and will likely make it up.

Nor can we forget that these next few weeks we will all be preoccupied with the Tour de France. In anticipation I pass along the Australian TV dedicated TDF Website. I find it to be one of the best for lay-out that I've seen.
Check it out.

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