Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Author! Author!

An ordinary ride this morning before going off to NY for a meeting. After returning Denine and I went out to West Chester PA to hear, meet and get books signed by Johan Bruyneel, Director of Astana and formerly of Discovery and U.S. Postal who guided Lance Armstrong to 7 Tour de France victories and Alberto Contador to one last year and Bill Strickland, editor of Bicycling Magazine and author of Ten Points. Strickland was more entertaining in his under-spoken way then was Bruyneel, but I enjoyed the latter's stories and just his association with the greats of cycling history. I would have liked to hear more about his sense of the state of cycling, specifically the duel between the UCI and ASO over who will control the sport. I can't imagine that he is not potentially a player in those machinations, but he was pretty vague about where he thought things were going, other than to say that cycling will survive.

Here's Johan speaking:

And Strickland signing books:

Both books are available through Amazon and are listed in my sidebar. I've read Ten Points and loved it. In fact will now read it again. the cycling side of the book is great, but the story of a family and of a man and his demons is much better. I have not yet read the Bruyneel book (co-written with Strickland.) I assume it will be more of a celebrity memoir but I'm interested to find out.

Finally, a later addition, a couple of shots that Denine took including the one of Johan and Bill signing my book:


Anonymous said...

Hi Ira,

It was great to meet you -- and thanks for the kind words about my words.


Ira F. Stone said...

Hi Bill,
Thanks for visiting. I was actually just sitting down to write today's post which will include a report on my having finished "Ten Points" for the second time. It is really quite moving.

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