Sunday, June 29, 2008

Off To California

I rode at my regular early morning time today, out of the house by 5:50. I managed to ride a triple loop, almost 31 miles in the time I usually ride a Sunday double loop! I was hammering! I rode steadily at between 15-18 mph for almost the entire ride. Actually, I started off slow and somewhat sluggish, but I didn't push myself and just figured I was warming up. After coming around the Falls Bridge I suddenly picked it up and never looked back. The Drives on both sides were clear and free of extraneous activities like regattas and triathlons etc. Wonderful!

I have just finished packing and will get a few more last minute things done before turning in. I'll be on a plane early in the morning, with my Brompton already safely packed in its suitcase. Can't say whether I'll ride tomorrow afternoon, but seeing that it is the last day of June, I'd love to add a few more miles to the monthly total. We'll see.

And tomorrow morning the announcement from the Court of Arbitration of sport will finally be made regarding Floyd Landis' appeal. I suppose its a little anti-climactic, but not for Floyd!

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