Friday, June 27, 2008

Trains And More Trains

Rode out solo this morning. Tired, but revived by the ride, I was hammering away for awhile when I ran into (not quite literally) some sports team or gym class from Temple University hogging the entire path. I'm moving at 17-18 mph and they're spread across the path oblivious of the dividing line, the arrows, common courtesy and common sense. I slowed and stayed slow for awhile not because they were still in my way but just because. I actually passed what appeared to be the teachers or coaches further down the path and almost stopped to ask them to instruct their students in path etiquette but didn't bother. I know, I should have. Anyway I was then riding remarkably slowly until I went over the Falls Bridge and picked up a second wind and hammered home even faster (though Harry passed me during my inexplicable slow phase and I felt kind of dorky.) There had been a train blocking the Locust Street entry point when I started out and I knew from the looks of it that it wasn't going anywhere soon so I expected it to still be there on my return and it was. I rode down to the end of the path anyway and instead of going up the Chestnut Street ramp that I'd come down thought I'd cross at Race street which was open and go home from there. Of course, just as I returned to the Race Street entrance a second train was passing on the other track. Though this one was moving it looked very long and you never know if it is going to end up stopping for awhile. So I just kept going back up to the Museum and shot out onto the Benjamin Franklin Parkway and took the streets home from there. Ended up increasing the trip to almost 16 miles. Switched to the Brompton for work today. I'm actually looking forward to taking a break from the saddle tomorrow. I'll try to ride at least a double loop Sunday and then pack up the Brompton to join Annie in LA. Her Bike made the journey with no trouble, no extra fees.

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