Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Wall

The highlight of the Philly Race on Sunday is the climb up what is known a The Wall in Manayunk. It is about a 1 kilometer climb, I think 17% grade, perhaps more. On Friday afternoon there will be an amateur hill climb up The Wall including a classification for folding bikes. I have been thinking of giving it a try with the Brompton, mainly because if your make it Trophy Bikes is giving away a neat looking Jersey. So today I decided to have lunch in Manayunk and take a closer look at The Wall. I turned down Levering as the course map says to, but then wasn't sure where to go. I went up quite a hill, but that turned out to be Gay Street, not The Wall. Then I turned up Baker Street and took it To Green. In the distance there appeared to be something that might have qualified as The Wall, but as I wasn't sure and didn't feel like climbing yet another hill just to find out I was wrong, and I was hungry, I bagged it and headed for lunch. I think I'll skip the Folding Bike Hill Climb and wait until Sunday morning's guided ride of the course to find out exactly where it is. Then maybe I'll give it another try with the Brompton. Though I must say, if it is the hill I think I saw in the distance, I have no confidence I will be able to climb it on the Fuji, let alone the Brompton.

Meanwhile I was able to tack on 15 miles to this morning's 13 miles for another good day before coming back to work.

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Unknown said...

Surely there will be other people on Fri - keep your eye on the price - I mean the shirt - go for it on Fri.


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