Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Lost Post

I didn't have a lot to blog yesterday, and even less time to blog it. In fact, yesterday's post was entitled: "Busy, Busy." But even that much never made it up because blogger was down and I couldn't save the post. So I'll just reiterate. We rode our usual loop but both Annie and I are crazed getting ready to leave for California. She is doing that while also running back and forth to help out our daughter. She returns to New Jersey today and leaves for LA on Thursday. I leave Monday.

So with little enough time to ride, let alone write, I ended by just calling attention to the new listing on the blog list in the side-bar: Le Grimpeur, a great blog about climbing, its history and its wonderful pain. Very nicely done.

As today's tidbit I will just call attention to the Tour of Pennsylvania that begins tonight. I tried to keep my schedule clear so that I could watch the Crit tonight, but it is not to be.

Another loop in magnificent weather this morning and then took the Brompton for errands in town today.


mindysue said...

And here is great quote from the climbing website you recommended "The bicycle is mechanical perfection. When man invented the bicycle he reached the peak of his attainments. Progess should have stopped when man invented the bicycle. — Elizabeth West." - maybe woman also participated in the invention.


Ira F. Stone said...

Yes, that's great, isn't it.

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