Sunday, June 01, 2008

Sunday Supplement/Contador Victorious

After folding up the bike for the day I did some work on the Fuji, just lube and clean and also replaced the fancy VDO computer that has not been working for me with a plain old Strata Catseye. Simple and easy to install and reliable. Then I took the bike out to make sure the computer was working and did another loop around the Drives. The mileage on this computer was 13.5. A bit higher than the VDO, even, let alone the readings I'm getting on the Brampton (also a Strada Catseye.) I'll see what I can do to fine tune the settings on that one, but I don't care that much and the differences will be "margin of error" kind of stuff as far as I'm concerned.

The Drives were busy but not really annoyingly so. Wonderful to see so many people out. So many different kinds of bikes and cyclists! A Recumbent tandem was a first for me, I think.

While I haven't watched the race yet, the results are in: Contador is the winner of the Giro D'Italia!

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