Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday Riding

Nothing special about this photo, just the Cafe at Boathouse Row where I stopped for a bottle of water and a cup of coffee during a rather long and unplanned ride today. Annie is still not home, so I was out early and rode about 28 miles around the drives which was pleasant enough but for having to dodge in and out of a Triathlon that was going on on the West Side. Then I went to morning service. But I took my bike with me intending to take it over to Bicycle Therapy after services. I noticed a couple of little things that I wanted to get taken care of: The front wheel seemed out of true; the gears slipped a bit and the rear brake was a bit sticky. Indeed there were a few adjustments to be made. Anyway, I was done with services at 9:30 and the bike shop didn't open until noon. so I headed back to the river and went around a couple of more times, stopping in between for a nice break at the cafe. Eventually brought the bike in, left in and just picked it back up ready for tomorrow's ride.Ended up riding just over 45 miles today.


Unknown said...

There is something special about the picture. The young girl is stretching her leg - like she just got off a bike or finished run.

I wish your daughter a refuah shlema - a complete healing.

Safe trip

Ira F. Stone said...

Thanks Mindy

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