Thursday, June 26, 2008

From May To August

The lovely spring weather that provided such a pleasant ride yesterday turned into a hot and humid today. I dropped Annie at the airport early in the morning. She is on her way to LA in preparation for our son's wedding next week. I leave town Monday. Along with her went the Bike Friday Tikit packed snuggly in a regular suitcase that went through baggage, no questions asked. Now, assuming it doesn't sustain any damage, and, hopefully, the suitcase also is relatively undamaged. All will be well. The Brompton actually fits into the same size suitcase a little better, so my trip should be less worrisome. Her Tikit presses more against the sides of the case. We'll see.

Then I came home and rode a double loop, plus another half for a 26 mile ride. The Brompton is with me to get to meetings and pastoral visits. Hopefully the darkening skies will pass quickly.

Finally, I've added two new books to the side-bar: Blazing Saddles by Matt Rendell, and The Tour Is Won on the Alpe, by Jean Paul Vespini. I am reading both now and will report back, but they both look great.


Mule said...

I love that Philadelphia Cycling Jersey that you are wearing in your picture up at the top of your blog. Where can I get one of those?

Ira F. Stone said...

Thanks! Here's the link to order one:"

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