Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Catching Up

It is Tuesday and I'm still not riding, really. I spent all of yesterday resting and still my fever spiked back up to 102.6 in the evening. I had no choice but to caqll in the doctor. He thought the only concern might be walking pneumonia which might cause fever with no other symptoms. I saw him today and that was ruled out along with other likely bacteriological ailments. Thus it is probably a virus, a "bug" of some kind that I picked up and he assured me it should be gone in a day or two. I couldn't miss a couple of meetings today and the fever remained low enough for me to function pretty comfortably. I rode the Brompton to work and to the bank and to another meeting tonight so was able to eek out 3 miles more for the monthly totals. If I feel no worse tomorrow morning I will try a regular ride.

Meanwhile, I thought I'd add a few thoughts about the weekend as well as some stuff from around the web. In my rush to write my entry on Monday, and in a fever haze, I forgot a couple of minor points. First. That on the Saturday ride there were two Bike Fridays; two young guys riding with an older gentleman, the father of one of them, who was on a comfort bike and must have been in his 70's or 80's. Nice group and we were impressed that they were riding folders. But their Bike Fridays had 22 inch wheels, which is a lot more than we have on our folders. On Sunday we saw at least three other folders, Dahons and a Montague.

I also forgot to mention how great the town of Rhinebeck NY was. We really enjoyed it and found some fabulous restaurants.

And I think I forgot to mention that the weather held out perfectly. We rode in comfortable overcast skies which turned into ferocious thunder storms on our drive home. It was good to be safe and warm and dry in the car. I guess they do come in handy!

On returning to my email at work today I had a message from a young man named Matt Stewart who was just beginning a journey with his father, cycling through Eastern Europe in search of their family's origins. He asked if we could swap links. I checked out his blog quickly today and he is on the journey and may or may not get my message replying: sure! So here is the link to Matt's blog and I recommend you take a look at his fascinating trip. Check it out

Finally this item from Bike Bis:

"According to the blog Gawker, though, Chinese condom-maker Elasun is going for the gold with some Olympic-inspired condom advertising.

It gives a whole new perspective to the race for the finish line or riding the time trial in a skinsuit.

In Elasun: The Condoms of Champions, Gawker shows the Elasun ads for basketball, swimming and archery, but I thought the symbol for cycling was more appropriate for this blog."

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