Friday, July 25, 2008

Double Loop And Then We Hit The Road

Annie and I were up early and road a double loop. Nothing special about it except that I have a new saddle. I'll talk more about that when I have time next week. for today, we are packing up to head to upstate New York for the Harlem Valley Ride of BikeNY. Reports to follow.

I know, I will miss the crucial time trial tomorrow and the ceremonial (or maybe highly competitive) ride into Paris on Sunday. Bad planning, but riding is better than watching. I'll catch the news as I can.

Next week back to work, sigh. It's been a great month what with a wedding, a century, some really fun rides. But summer is not over, though I won't be riding as many miles on a daily basis. We still have the Lancaster ride in August, BikePhilly in September and we're considering another BikeNY ride late in September.

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