Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Riding in LA-Day Two

Last night was the wedding rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner in beautiful downtown Burbank. I don't know how "beautiful" it was in the days of "Laugh-In," but it certainly is beautiful these days. Filled with "chick" restaurants and clubs. After dinner, heading back to the car we passed this bike rack which I think I put up on the blog when a picture of it first surfaced on the web, but here I am posing by it in person.

Annie was out this morning early with Josie to get to the LA flower market to purchase the flowers for the wedding, so I rode solo. Fifteen miles along the path from Woodland Hills past Encino. Great morning for a ride and, except for stopping so often to wait for green lights along the way, a great ride.

The best part was riding at 15-16 mph while the "racers" in full kit and racing bikes couldn't figure out why they couldn't pass me or, when they could, couldn't shake me. Finally one gentleman stopped to comment about the Brompton and ask me about it and to "marvel" that he couldn't shake me. Great feeling.

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