Sunday, July 06, 2008

Riding in LA - Day Five - Santa Monica

Annie and I went out riding today along a new route. We wanted to try the bike path along the beach in Santa Monica. Since it was Sunday morning we expected no traffic problems (on the highway) and therefore only a 20 minute drive to the beach. Thankfully, we were correct. Traffic on the path is a different story. It wasn't as bad as it could or would be later in the day. But we didn't get there until around 9:15 AM and plenty of people were already out. Pedestrians, dog walkers, novice cyclists renting bikes from kiosks at the beach, kids, etc. We managed a satisfying 16 miles but not exactly a training ride in terms of speed. Of course, it is also very flat, so not much work there. But it was still fun.

We rode from Santa Monica into and beyond Venice. Venice is home to a very quirky mix of people and businesses along the beach, including this little "Shul by the Sea," officially called Pacific Jewish Center, I believe.

We move out of the house in Woodland Hills today and stay overnight with our son Shaul. We leave on the red-eye tomorrow night, so plan to ride the bikeway tomorrow morning. The Bride and Groom left today for their Honeymoon.

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Unknown said...

Ahh, Venice, an old Hillel colleague of mine Dan Shevitz is or was the rabbi and Naomi Levy used to be there. She has written some wonderful books.


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