Wednesday, July 09, 2008

P.S. - Today's Ride and Today's Race

I finally got out today, after the TDF stage 5. As expected, it was pretty boring as the first flat stages are intended to be. But, also as expected, toward the end it got really exciting. First of all, for a minute or two it really looked like, for the second time this week, the break-a-way was going to succeed. The French champion Vogondy came very close to riding out front all the way to the finish. But at the last minute the sprinters came through and Mark Cavendish of team Colombia took his first ever TDF stage win. It is great news for team Colombia which is having a great year and a great tour with its tough-drug policy. The other American team, also a leader in the anti-drug movement, continues to have to men in the top ten, Christian Vande Veld and David Millar, while Colombia has three riders in the top ten: George Hincappie,Thomas Lovquist and second place Kim Kirchen. Quite an impressive beginning for America's teams and the anti-drug teams. Among them are some true potential winners, namely Kirchen and longer shot Vande Veld. But Cadell Evans is still lurking very comfortably before the turn to the mountains.

Then I went out and made a quick stop at the office to check my mail and show off wedding photos. Then to the bank to do a little business after being out of town for the week and finally off to the trail just as the first drops began to fall. But it was a false alarm and I had no trouble riding a double loop. Then rode to Whole Foods for a bit of grocery shopping before arriving home some 29 miles later. A nice leisurely ride.

At the Locust street entry to the trail there is now a four poster display (two shown) of the history of the trail, its development over the years and, most importantly, the plans for the upcoming years. I don't think you can read it from the photos but it includes the new access over the tracks, expansion of the trail with the construction of the new South Street bridge, plans for a path across to the West Side of the rivcer and finally on to Bartram Gardens. An exciting 4 or 5 years to look forward to.

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