Thursday, July 17, 2008

Say It Ain't So, Riccardo

I must admit, it was tough to stay interested in the Tour de France this morning after hearing about the latest "star" nabbed for using EPO, a new, stronger version, no less. Especially as I was just beginning to admit Riccardo Ricco into my own personal favorite list. He was simply so elegantly explosive on the big mountain climbs. Well, no wonder. But, I thought to myself, so was Alberto Contador and even Levi Leipheimer; so are they all doping? Some would say so. But I have to believe that until proved otherwise, the other guys are clean and therefore even more impressive. Of course, it helped that Mark Cavendish ran another magnificent sprint to the finish to win his third stage. Here's hoping he's clean (he's on the "clean team" Colombia, after all) and deserves his new status as a true star of the sport.

Meanwhile, closer to home, I rode a harder double loop today pushing much more than yesterday's recovery ride. It felt great and I had to rein myself in after 22 miles as I do have other things to do than ride my bike. I went out early enough to enjoy the cool of the day and then took the folders in for their 30 day check up.

Tonight I plan to attend the opening of the exhibit featured below. The opening reception is from 6-9 so if anybody reading this is in the neighborhood come on over, it sounds like fun.

an Exhibition of original prints, posters, and ephemera, from the penny-farthing to the diamond frame.

opening Thursday July 17 6-9pm
live music and refreshments

Lisa M. Reisman et cie
Fine Original Art & Decoration LTD

1714 Rittenhouse Square Streets
(near the giant construction pit)

Finally today, I've mentioned his work before, but if you don't follow the writing of Bill Strickland on cycling you are really missing something. Check out this piece on Lanternne Rouge

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