Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Home Sleep Home

We arrived in Philadelphia at 5:30 AM on the red-eye from Los Angeles. Aside from not sleeping, it was a perfectly fine flight. I am happy to be home. I am particularly happy to be out of LA. Not that I wouldn't want to spend more time with my kids, but I must say, I truly dislike that city. It strikes me as the living nightmare of the pernicious consequences of car culture gone mad. The lanes and lanes of always crowded freeways is like a scene out of a horror movie. The fragmentation of community, the sheer difficulty of getting from one place to another, even places close to one another. All of this before one even begins to image the cost to health and environment, not to mention the present price of gas. It simply rattles me completely to be there.

Tired as we were, after quickly unpacking and grabbing a light breakfast, we went out for a loop on the Fuji bikes. Weird feeling to be up on a "regular" bike. It took a few minutes to get re-acclimated. We had a very good ride that sort of woke me up.

Spending the next few hours watching the re-play of stage four of the TDF. Then a nap.

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