Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Media Day

My first day home on vacation. With the excitement of the wedding in LA behind me and Annie back on schedule spending the day in New Jersey, I am at leisure for the first time. I will go out in a few minutes for a ride, but probably not a very long one. I'm not feeling the need to travel to Valley Forge or beyond today as I have everyday of the next three weeks to ride and plan to. I'm actually planning a personal century next week. Or at least upping my distance record to 75 miles or so. I thought I'd ride to Valley Forge and stop to eat, then, instead of turning for home, going on for at least another 25 miles, rest again and then turn for home, stop at VF again and finish the ride. Should be between 75 and 100 miles and I think I'm ready. So that's on my schedule for next Wednesday. Until then I'll ride double and triple loops, and maybe a breakfast ride with the Bike club on Sunday.

So at my leisure I can peruse the great bike blogosphere more. For your reading and viewing pleasure the following tidbits from today's troweling.

First, courtesy of the stalwart Bicycle Diaries: an intriguing new bike for commuters. How I wish I could just own them all!

Then there is this clip courtesy of the Philadelphia Bicycle Blog of the Bicycle Coalition of Philadelphia:

Finally, I great site for following the Tour de France and professional cycling in general courtesy of Bike Blog. Europeloton is written by a guy in Oakland CA and really shows a detailed knowledge of the sport of cycling hard to come by in an American. Europeloton

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Unknown said...

Let's move to Oregon.

Welcome home and regards from the beach where the roads are flat and biking is fast.


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