Thursday, April 12, 2007

After The Storm An Afternoon Ride

The rain was torrential this morning and I wimped out and stayed in bed. The result was an unpleasant mood all day. Fortunately my afternoon was uncharacteristically light, so after teaching this morning and spending most of the day at my desk digging out from under all the piled up mail and messages from the holidays, I came home, changed and put the rubber to the road.I felt terrible! At first; my legs felt dead, my thighs were sore from the long ride yesterday and I really almost turned around and went home. But then, I guess, the endorphins kicked in and the soreness passed, my legs felt even stronger than usual and for the last two thirds of the ride my average speed increased appreciably. Best of all, I feel human again and ready to face another interminable meeting tonight. I could have ridden further, but decided 13.1 miles was a good recovery ride after yesterday's near 40 miles.

Not having any good pictures of today's ride here's one that was circulating around the web a few weeks ago: a bike riding bank robber. It's hard not to be a little sympathetic to him despite his nefarious occupation.

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