Thursday, April 05, 2007

Back With The Wind and Some New Features

The first part of the Passover holiday is over and was wonderful. Great to be among friends and at least part of our family; great food thanks to Annie's kitchen magic! And the first seder for our Granddaughter!(She only lasted a few minutes before heading to bed, but it was a start.)

And now back to cycling and blogging. Annie is out riding right now, having had to take our son to the airport early this morning while I was out. ( I couldn't do the airport shift due to needing to get to work for some early meetings.) The temperature was around 47 degrees but with a strong wind of over 15 mph and gusts predicted to 40 mph I dressed more warmly than the temperature would have dictated. I was a bit over-dressed (as usual, Annie would say.) But it was a fine ride and despite the slightly slower pace of riding into some pretty strong headwinds I still had the new found time to increase ever so slightly my distance in the given time I have in the morning. I rode 13.9 miles, which if I can do consistently rather than what had been my usual 12.1 represents a good increase in the cumulative miles in my quest to make sure I hot 4000 for 2007. Frankly, unless something unexpected occurs, it looks pretty impossible for me not to hit that goal. I could actually set a higher goal, but I think its best to just leave things as they are and set the 2008 goal more realistically depending on my 2007 numbers. After all, this is my first full year riding.

I am getting closer and closer to having the time to put aside for a big essay on all the bicycling books I've been reading and then I want to do another one on the magazines I've been trying out and which I've decided to subscribe to and why.

Meanwhile, thanks to the improving technical capabilities of blogspot I've been able to add (needing no technical knowledge of how) two new features to the blog that I hope make it consistently more interesting and useful regardless of what I write. First is a random browse of UTube looking for clips related to bicycles and the other is the same for Google News. I hope you enjoy them.

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