Tuesday, April 24, 2007

One Person's Scary Thought Is Another's Solution

Pretty scary thought, no? I guess not if you're a bicycle commuter. I imagine there will be many more if this prediction in yesterday's Philadelphia Inquirer comes true. In the end it may only be the economics that will force people to take the environmental threats seriously. In the end, we may have been able to accomplish the same goal years ago with extraordinary taxes. Then the money from die-hards would at least have gone to good public uses, potentially.

No day off and no day off ride today. Off to NY to teach a class this morning, so up at 4:25 and out of the house at 5:15 in order to return in time to shower and dress and get to a 7:20 train. I'll no doubt be tired, but it was a great ride and a great start to the day.

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