Sunday, April 08, 2007

The Snows of April?!

Well, not exactly, though there were some flurries yesterday afternoon. But, man was it cold out there this morning. My muscles have already forgotten how to deal with it, despite having dealt with it all winter. My legs felt dead for a good part of today's 15.9 mile ride. On the bright side, the West river Drive portion of the loop is now closed to traffic for the season and this was the first Sunday one could ride the loop in the roadway rather than on the bike path. That is always a pleasure. I only saw one or two other riders taking advantage of this sign of spring today.

On the other hand, if you were able to see any of yesterday's U.S. Open Cycling Championship from Richmond yesterday on NBC (I set my Sabbath timer) you saw some real snow and cold riding. It definitely changed the outcome of the race in my view but that's what is supposed to happen in racing. It was exciting, interesting and I hope NBC gets good feedback in order to encourage more cycling on mainstream TV and make possible the development of a real racing circuit in the US.

Not much time to blog today as we prepare for the next round of holidays, the last days of Passover. I'll be "off the air" again for a couple of days.

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