Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A Lunch Hour Ride...The Wind Is Wearing Me Out

This time I took my camera! Not quite as dramatic as some of the scenes yesterday, but you'll get the idea. Once again I chose not to ride in the morning. the weather really wasn't bad, but I was concerned with being able to see the debris clearly. So, after a less than stellar morning at work in meetings and teaching a class, I came home and took a slightly extended lunch hour. After a quick bite I went out for a ride. Which brings us to the secondary title of this post; the wind is really wearing me out. It is really beginning to take some of the joy out of my riding. I don't mind it once in awhile; it's even a challenge. But day after day of pushing into these headwinds, is getting old. Of course, there is the exhilaration of the return trip which, at least the last two days has actually put the wind at my back and felt great, as opposed to all the days when the wind seems to be in my face in both directions. Anyway, I was glad to be out, had a good 14.3 mile ride and took some good pictures. Now, about the pictures. The first one above shows the Schuylkill still up over its banks along the new River Park section of the trail.

This next one shows some of the debris washed up at a spot along the same path a bit further on.

This one is a shot of the only spot still closed along the Kelly Drive section of the path. I rode up on the grass embankment where there is a bit of a packed dirt path that joggers often used, but was the only option today.

This one witness the fact that the Johnnies-on-the-spot haven't fared too well in the wind either!

Finally, a public service announcement, if you will, for those who live in Philadelphia especially, but really for anyone in the general vicinity who wants to be part of a great new event: BikePhilly. This is from the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia website:

"Philadelphia will close 20 miles of streets for Bike Philly, a family-friendly bike tour celebrating the freedom of car-free Philadelphia streets, bicyclists will ride through historic neighborhoods, take over the Parkway, passing through Old City and exploring hidden corners of Fairmount Park on Sunday September 9th.
You can register online at this site Bike Philly begins at 8AM at the Art Museum Steps."

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