Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Another Crummy Day...A Beautiful Ride

Yes, I'm tired of the grey and the chill and the winds, though the latter were less intrusive today, they still made parts of my 30.1 mile ride hard work. And while 45 degrees is not terribly cold considering what I was riding in a few weeks ago, it is definitely not warm, not even comfortable. Not that I felt it on the bike, I was perfectly dressed; not as warmly dressed as yesterday and therefore more comfortable on the bike, but still, when I stopped for a Cliff Bar break and made a phone call, I was really cold. Alright, enough complaining. It was a great ride, I haven't felt as exhilarated since last week, I got in some good miles and definitely could have kept going but for the need to be at home to await some deliveries and appointments and then get ready to head over to work later this afternoon. In fact, I feel so good that it is clear that unless I get a ride of 20-30 miles in I don't feel so good. Whereas my 12 mile loop used to send me into the world feeling great, I'm sensing that I need 20-or 30 miles to do that now and I just won't have time to do that on most days. Could be a problem.

The city or the Fairmount park people did a great job of getting the path quickly back into shape. Everything was open, much debris had been swept off and even the really muddy places had been hosed clean. Kudos to whoever maintains the path.

Along the way I passed a row of artists or art students parked along the wall above the river just below the Falls bridge, painting. Not as close a picture as I'd hoped, but you get the idea. One of the artists has his bike there - a true multi-user of the trail.

Finally, I wanted to share this video from Bike Portland showing scenes from the Tour DE Flanders of Portland. It's kick
take a look

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