Sunday, April 22, 2007

Ride In The Morning, Ride In The Evening

No more complaints about the weather, unless it turns back, or gets too hot too quickly. today was as good as it gets. The temperature was around 50 degrees when Annie and I rode this morning at 7 AM. A late Sunday morning start as we didn't get home from a Sabbath in New York until late last night. Which meant only once around the loop despite the beautiful weather and a really strong feeling in my legs, and the open West River Drive. We rode our 12.1 miles and I headed to a busy day of work, including officiating at a noon wedding. But I was not satisfied. The ride had not given me any kind of a workout going at Annie's pace. So after the wedding, after an afternoon of paper work followed by a two hour meeting, I hit the rode again before dinner. It was now 78 degrees. A very different riding environment than I've been used to. If it weren't for the literally hordes of people out on the trail I would have loved it. As is I pretty much loved it. I rode much quicker than this morning in much higher gear all the away around the loop, dodging people of every stripe and yelling "on your left" until I was horse. For the most part it was great, but a little nerve wracking. The 25.6 miles combined from both rides and the higher cadence of the second ride, left me feeling much more satisfied.

I chose to ride rather than try to follow today's racing, but I'm happy that team Discovery Channel won another American soon-to-be-classic, the Tour De Georgia. That is the winner Janez Brajkovic celebrating on the top and Stefan Schumacher of Gerolsteiner on the bottom, winner of today's Amstel Gold Race, which I can try to watch tomorrow on versus if I have a break in the afternoon.

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