Friday, April 13, 2007

The Wind Is My Friend, The Wind Is My Friend

Or so I kept telling myself as Annie and I did our morning loop today. Lovely temperatures around 49 degrees but the wind was up to around 20 MPH with gusts probably near 40 MPH. We had a great ride anyway and the train that came chugging in just as we approached the Locust Street crossing decided to park before the crossing, allowing plenty of room for us to get by. Strangely, the trip odometer clocked this trip at 11.8 miles and we can't figure how we shaved .3 of a mile off the same trip we take every morning, I'm beginning to question the accuracy of my wireless unit, but I dutifully recorded the mileage according to the odometer. The weather forecast is for continued cold weather and a lot of rain over the next week or more with a really big Nor'easter expected over Saturday night and into Sunday. Riding could be spotty the next few days. Its Friday, the thirteenth no less, and getting to even the best job just feels hard today...perhaps if this graphic could be true things would feel different.

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