Friday, April 06, 2007

The Lion Of April

What's this about March coming in like a lion? Today, April 6th, was plenty leonine for me! The wind was prodigious, making a day with 30 degree temperature feel like the low twenties. I'd thought I'd folded away the winter gear for good; but it was not to be and doesn't look like it will be for the next week at least. So the wind slowed me in many places and in one place literally almost brought me to a standstill. Still, since I'd taken the day off for a post-holiday ride of substance, I persevered (I AM, after all, a Ludwig) and did 40 miles. Twice around the loop and then down into Manayunk to explore a bit. Stopped on the way back at a place called Cadence Performance Center. Quite the bike shop. Really for very serious riders, high-end machines, accesories and clothing on the ground floor and a performance center: spinning equipment, bio-testing and fitting equipment, on the second floor. A bit much for my needs, but fun to look around. Then I pedaled down the block to Zoom and broke down and bought a side mirror for the Fuji. I've been using a mirror attached to my glasses and it really wasn't working out, way too distracting. Then I took off for home

Yesterday I was browsing around the blognet index on the bottom of my blog page and found that another blogger (named Ludwig!) had discovered bicycle-musings. He was drawn to it because of the fact that his name is Ludwig and then said some nice things about the blog. Thanks to Ludwig at the blog 32 Spokes (new link on the side.) who wrote:

"Every once in awhile you come across a gem of a blog just from investigating who visits yours. Such was the case with Bicycle Musings - (I’m a Ludwig!). Initiaily it caught my eye simply because my name is Ludwig, and therefore am in fact a Ludwig. Though perhaps not by Ira Stone’s definition:.."


"I hope to be a Ludwig myself, more than in name… and hopefully before I hit 84 years of age. Ira Stone, who writes Bicycle Musings is definitely much closer to being a Ludwig than I am. However fantastically amazing Ludwig’s journey from Poland to London seems, Ira’s stories of him and his wife are equally inspiring. Ira’s blog contains the reasons why I love cycling, and I hope that at his age I am not only a Ludwig but also an Ira."

Of course, Ludwig, I'm not that old!


Anonymous said...

I never meant to imply you were old! My brother is actually older than you.

Thanks for the comments and thanks to you I was inspired to do a 40 mile trek today as well.

Ira F. Stone said...

No offense taken! Just kidding. good riding to you.

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