Monday, April 30, 2007

Suddenly It Was Green

Annie arrived home safely last night and we rode out in perfect weather this morning, 54 degrees watching the sun come up with no wind. We whizzed through our 13 mile loop and suddenly noticed that both sides of the loop were suddenly over laid with the green and interspersed with the pinks and purples of Spring. I don't think that the colors, especially the greens were even as noticeable yesterday.

Speaking of yesterday. The over 40 mile trip knocked me out and I went to bed quite early. But it made the easy loop around today much more enjoyable. It felt good to have an easy ride and I was pedalling in bigger gears than I have lately without any effort.

The only other notable occurrence was passing beneath the Ringling Brothers circus train traveling into Philadelphia. It was cool and I wished I'd had my camera.

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