Sunday, May 27, 2007

Annie Has A Flat and I Don't Have My Camera

I meant to bring my camera just because we had more time to ride today and I thought to get some good shots. The sky had a misty tone to it, the ride was wonderful and I bemoaned the fact that I hadn't brought my camera. This become particularly intense regret when about half way through what we had planned to be a double loop, while coming down the West Ri9ver Drive, Annie had a flat. We began the process of changing our first tire and were having some trouble, particularly because the quick-release mechanism on the Fuji is really tight and very difficult for me. The a good samaritan named Jerome came by and took charge. While I knew what to do i'd actually never done it so it was a great learning experience to watch him. And I felt really good that he couldn't open the quick-release either. We ended up taking the tire of without disengaging the mechanism. It all worked out and we continued our ride for a day's total of 24.5, Annie's furthest yet.

The other reason I wished I had my camera was that the Drive was covered with debris again from another fierce thunderstorm last night. This included a small patch of the rode being entirely covered by thick mud. We rode through it which may have been the reason for the flat. It would have made a good picture.

After the ride I was off to work. Busy day. After morning services I was of to officiate at a funeral and after the funeral I officiated at a wedding. Then I stopped and the bike shop to refill on tubes and CO2! Then i came home and cleaned both bikes and lubed the chains, ready for tomorrow's ride.

Finally, this picture has been circulating in the bike blogosphere today. I thought those of you who might not have seen it would enjoy it.

I believe it originated at this flickr site


Jacob said...

I think the mud patch may have felled my bike as well. Downshifting to get up to the bridge, the chain wouldn't fall into place. After some shifting up and down, the chain caught and the bike was seemingly operational again - except that the rear brake wasn't quite as effective as usual, a problem I decided to ignore until I finished the ride. When I got home and inspected the bike, I found the derailer bent, a broken spoke, an out of whack back wheel, and a slack brake line.
Needless to say, I was probably a wreck waiting to happen and was lucky to make it home before I hurt myself or someone else. It scares me I wasn't aware what bad shape the bike was in while I was on it, but am also pleased - it would have been a long walk from Falls Bridge back to Center City.
Sadly, the bike will now be spending Memorial day in the shop instead of making its first attempt at reaching Valley Forge.

Ira F. Stone said...

Hey Jacob, sorry about the bike. It was a tough patch of mud, that's for sure. Your bike must have needed some work before hand.

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