Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Off To Perkiomen and A Metric Century

Here you see a photo of me somewhere along the Perkiomen Trail today. I reached Valley forge on a glorious day for riding and happened to meet a couple of other riders coming up from Center City and asked if any of them knew how to hook up with the Perkiomen Trail. One man did and gave me good directions, so, feeling like I had more ride left in me, I took off. Made it as far as Collegeville along a lovely path running next to the Perkiomen Creek. Along the way I met a very pleasant woman out walking and asked her to snap a shot of me on my bike. I have so few since I'm always the one taking the pictures.It shows the updated bike and the updated me (50 pounds lighter) than the picture I've had in my profile. I hope by the time you are reading this I've replaced the old one with this one.

To reach it I went back over the bridge over the Schuylkill seen above, one of my favorite views of the ride. I knew I had found the correct way when I finally came up to this sign post shown below.

I stopped to get a shot of the Perkiomen Creek and then turned around to show the parkland through which I was riding.

Along the way I managed to get a quick action shot of a cyclist of the future also out for a ride today.

The only drawback to this trail is that most of the way between Oaks and Collegeville is not paved. It is packed dirt, perfectly smooth and rideable in places, and heavy gravel in other places making for a bit of a hairy ride. It looked from where I stopped that the next section is paved again, but I could be sure as there was a pretty big street (Second Ave) between where I turned around in Collegeville and the continuation of the trail.

I managed 62.3 miles today, (that's a metric century - 100 kilometers) my single day record and ended by riding through the city to meet a friend for a late lunch. Lovely.

Meanwhile, many thanks to friends who have already responded to my request for support for the Hazon Ride. In one day I've reached 25% of my goal. But my goal is modest and I'd be very happy to go way over goal. So, if you're inclined, click the link on the top right of this page. Thanks

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