Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tour de Jerusalem

Almost as historic as this Bicycling History photo:

How about this headline in the Jerusalem Post on-line sports page: Sun shines on first Tour de Jerusalem check it out. The article goes on to describe the successful first running of this event. Sounds great.

Along those lines, I am close to deciding to sign up for the Hazon Labor Day Ride. Hazon is a Jewish Environmental advocacy group and the run a number of rides during the year, including a great week-long event from Jerusalem to Eilat, along with their other activities. The ride I am about to register for takes place over Labor Day Weekend. It begins with a Sabbath retreat at a Connecticut Jewish camp focusing on environmental issues. On Sunday there is a 60 mile ride to another camp in New York state and on Monday the ride concludes in Manhattan. I know I'm ready for it physically. I'm hoping that Annie will feel ready to join me.

This morning we rode a lovely 13 mile loop; the weather just gets better and better. Met one of my congregants heading out for his ride. Nice looking bike, pretty serious looking rider. There are probably many among the congregation and I'd like to figure out how to organize something fun that people would participate in.

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