Tuesday, May 01, 2007

April Totals And Good Riddance

With a backward glance at the rainy month of April, the rainiest month of April in memory and maybe in history, I am happy to report the total mileage for the month at 479 miles! This brings the total for 2007 to 1476.4. That's a monthly average of 369.1, about 36 or so more miles per month than the hoped for 333 needed to reach 4,000 for the year. Of course, there are going to be slower riding months to come in the late fall and winter, so piling them up now and in the next few really good months is important.

This morning was a beautiful 1st of May, despite the fact that already, as I write this about an hour after our ride, the skies have turned ominous. thunder showers are expected around noon, but hopefully the rest of the week will be decent. As I mentioned the other day, the Spring colors are really making themselves known. Passing the Azalea garden behind the Philadelphia Museum of Art this morning was breathtaking. I hope to have time to bring my camera along tomorrow and get some pictures.

Meanwhile, I have been waiting for the appearance of a new Cycling journal that was announced awhile ago called Urban Cyclist and it came out today. It is being published in a limited print edition (which I don't know how to get, but I'm sure details are at the web site) in addition to on the web in either pdf or for navigating with your browser. Haven't read it yet, but will try to get to it today. Take a look.

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